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Food Storage :Glass Or Plastic Food Storage Containers?
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Plastic Water Bottles & Food Containers ...or Glass, Estrogenics Plastic, Metal or Glass water bottles? The dangers of plastic food containers, estrogenics and cancer. What are estrogenics?

Five Best Glass Storage Containers 2017 | Plenty Of Storage Space With An Elegant Design!
These glass storage containers are perfect for countertop display and can be made your friend in your kitchen. It's time to toss your old 'unhealthy containers'!

In this video I share why I switched to glass food containers and the different brands that I have bought (Ziploc glass food storage containers, Snapware, ...

Reuse glass jars!!! Replace Plastic Food Containers & Bags with Glass Jars!!!
Giving a second life to recycled glass jars, it actually saves you money in the long run! Glass is cleaner than plastic. Glass' non-porous surface doesn't absorb ...