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Food Storage :Glass Or Plastic Food Storage Containers?
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Plastic Water Bottles & Food Containers ...or Glass, Estrogenics Plastic, Metal or Glass water bottles? The dangers of plastic food containers, estrogenics and cancer. What are estrogenics?

In this video I share why I switched to glass food containers and the different brands that I have bought (Ziploc glass food storage containers, Snapware, ...

Reuse glass jars!!! Replace Plastic Food Containers & Bags with Glass Jars!!!
Giving a second life to recycled glass jars, it actually saves you money in the long run! Glass is cleaner than plastic. Glass' non-porous surface doesn't absorb ...

Organize Plastic Food Containers and Find the Lids!
One day I open the cabinet to get out a plastic container for the left overs, and two days later, I open the same cabinet and a pile of containers and lids cascade ...